8inches Deep And Still Going

I own a 1985 LTD Crown Victoria. The paint has faded, and age is starting to show, but the car still has just 72K miles on it. That's right it's never rolled over. Last winter my wife and I found ourselves quickly being buried in one of the most intense storms of the 2010-11 winter season. We needed a snow blower, and after the storm has started it's usually a little late. We found one, but it was 35 miles south on a two-lane that I knew wouldn't be plowed. I took "Victoria" to get the blower. I drove between 35 and 40mph the whole way. Snow was 4 inches deep and 8 or more in the drifts. I don't have snow tires, but I do keep chains in the trunk just in case. I wasn't them that night though. That old car just kept on going, even when the snow was so deep it was hitting the floor boards. Never got stuck, and never slowed down. I got the snow blower and brought it home. Today I still drive that car and am continually amazed at her go anywhere, do anything and don't complain about it attitude. She's a year older than my wife, and in car years that's like 140! LOL! Tomorrow she's getting glass packs installed, now my Crown Vic will sound as cool as she's always been to me. Thank goodness for Crown Victoria and thank goodness that night for quad-beam headlights.
shows to go how good these cars are.where in ohio are you from?