Took My Funeral Money To Make My 29 Year Of Driving My First Car Again After 29 Years

I have had my 1972 GRAN TORINO SPORT SINCE 1977. It was my first car and I was given a chance to grow up because of this car. A friend of mine asked her mother to co-sign for me because I would walk 10 miles to work in the Wisconsin winters so she co signed and for the first time in my life I felt like somebody seeing my dad left when I was 6 years old life was tough with a drunken stepfather I was living on the street at 18 years old. This car loan made me a man because I couldn't let down a stranger that believed in me so at one point at 18 years old I worked 2 jobs to get this car paid off hence I was now off the streets working for a dream and a living and learning to do my own car repairs just by doing them and asking questions from the right people I even at one point replaced the rear end the engine ,water pump and many other thing during my health life. When my kids were born my 1972 GRAN TORINO SPORT became pretty costly with a lot of worn out parts and then she dropped a rod so I decided to put her into storage until my kids grew up and in June of 2003 my youngest son turned 18 years old so with 29 years of factory fab under my belt and 20 years of collecting rust free body parts I was going to start the restoration myself but on that same day my sons birthday I had to see my doctor because of some tests that we had run on me because of on going illness do to my work environment. Well on that day june 23 2003 I was told that I had a 20% to 30% chance to live another 2 to 5 years. I started out with a rare lung disease HYPERSENSITIVITY PNEUMONITIS (HP) THAT NOW PROGRESSED TO PULMONARY FIBROSIS that has me stuck on oxygen 24/7. In July of 2008 I had my 5 years and I told my wife that at the age of only 49 years old that I didn't want our 5 kids and 9 grand kids to remember me laying in a coffin. I wanted to be remembered for my love of life and my love of cars and my passion for Ford car mainly my 1972 GRAN TORINO SPORT. Well we took all of my funeral money to try to make my dream (29 year dream) of driving my Torino again and try to make my passion for old Ford cars grow on to my 9 grand kids and they only way to do so was to try to get my Torino restored before I pass. Like I said I spent all of my funeral money on the restoration project but when you have to pay for labor instead of doing the job my self because of my lung disease and the fact I get sick and winded even while on my oxygen I had to pay to get the car done. It has been a little over a year now and my baby my 1972 FORD GRAN TORINO SPORT one of the sexest cars ever made and also the 1972 car of the year will be coming home. The money fell a little short and I may die before I ever see her finished. The paint is like glass but she needs more work then my money could by. She will come home without the interior being in the car, no bumbpers because they need to be rechromed and I still need and engine and transmission an automatic transmission because my air tubes for my oxygen always get tangled on everything and anything so a stick shif would be a problem. I have trying to find and body that builds FORD PERFORMANCE ENGINES OR EVEN A CRATE 5.4 SUPERCHARGED ENGINE OR EVEN A ROUSH BIG BLOCK CRATE ENGINE but I guess people like me without a big name LIKE FOOSE or some other big car builder don't have a chance of sponsor ship from anybody. You will see by the pictures that this car would be one of the greatest show pieces to show off any or every car part on the market and I would love to let somebody like FORD PERFORMANCE use this show piece to show their latest crat engines and the fact that you can take a FORD MOD CAMMER MOTOR and put it into any classic Ford car even a 1972 GRAN TORINO.
Richard Goodwin 12/19/2009
Guess we all learn you have to pay your own way in life. Hope your kids don't mind paying for the funeral.
Ray Ford 12/05/2009
You have one kool ride there.Its rare car dont see many around any more.Great body style