Ford And Back Again...and Again.

By Rich B.

When I was 16 my dad bought me a 1974 Gran Torino. I loved that car, and it was the first to turn my head away from the imports that Japan was shipping our way. A far cry from a high output 4 cylinder, but muscle and power unlike I had ever driven. I still have that car some 22 years later and still love the smell, style, sound and character that Ford put into it.

The Torino went into storage for a while, as I figured out my life after college, to which it accompanied me in the snow free months. When I got a good job I bought a 4x4 Off Road extended cab and tested it to its limits in the rugged Keweenaw Peninsula, of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

I got married to a great woman and we had a Pontiac and two Chevy's. I recently decided I needed a truck. There was choice.


I knew what I was getting and I love what I got. I recently took this picture and thought I would share. They look pretty sweet together and I like the decision I have to face every morning...barring rain. FX4 or Gran Torino...either's going to be a good day.

Rich B.
Ford Country, Michigan
T Craig-P71CV 09/24/2011
Ford Torinos were great cars. I've never owned one but I would love to. I remember cruising around in them with people I knew who owned them. Once in a while I'll check the Auto Trader Classics site to see if there are any in there for sale (doesn't cost anything to dream). My first car was a 2 door 1977 Plymouth Fury which I wish I had of kept; you're lucky, you kept you Torino. Hey the Furys and Torinos were great cars back in the day, I may be a Ford man but I did love those old Furys. I loved the Torinos from the first time I saw the TV show Starsky and Hutch when I was a kid. I always wanted that car, the red one with the white stripes, that one was my favourite, but like I said I ended up with the Plymouth Fury instead. As a matter of fact I bought the Plymouth at the Ford dealer I worked at at the time. I remember how popular those Torinos were when that show was on as I saw many of them on the road back in the day. Even one of my neighbours owned one. It would be cool if Ford came up with a retro Torino to compete with the Dodge Charger. If Ford came out with one that looked good, has rear drive and a killer V8 I would consider it. Come on Ford, bring back the Torino!