My Galaxie 1967

Good evening, I live in Brazil BH / MG'm 53 years old and my 1st car in 1977 was a year 1967 GALAXIE!
And it almost had to ca 30 galaxies and currently have a 1967 GALAXIE like what I had in 1977!
GALAXIE is my passion!
If they want to send pictures?
Stay with God and hugs.
Zé Madalena S 11/23/2013
Zé Madalena S 08/07/2013
Jim Straight 10/21/2011
I own a fully restored 1962 Galaxie 500 G code 406 4 speed and have more enjoyment driving it than anything I can think of being built today except maybe a new boss mustang . I can work on the 62 two , whatever happened to simpliccity .
tomw 08/16/2010
Fifty-Nine Galaxie Fan,
in Brazil they were a year or so behind the North American model intros. That body style was made up until the 1980's. 1983, from what I've been told.
Fifty-Nine Galaxie fan 06/06/2010
The car in the photo is a '66, not a '67. The styling (especially the grille) is completely different than the '66. Ford changed the style noticeably every year from the 1955 to the '69 model years. It should be easy to find photos on Google and some other search engines. Your car looks super nice and it very well cared for, makes me want to go for a drive. 2 thumbs up man!
Zé Madalena BH/MG -Brazil 05/12/2010
Hello iBrain also think ... I think he's gorgeous !!!!!!!!!!
Hugs from Brazil's Ze.
Zé Madalena BH/MG -Brazil 05/12/2010
Hello Great, you in America there that this is the place for big cars!
Hugs from Brazil's Ze.
Magno 05/11/2010
This Galaxie is Ze Magdalena from Brazil, he has always liked big cars.
Zé hugs!
Ibrahin Samir 05/11/2010
This design is one of the most beautiful!