My First Convertible

I got my first Ford in June of 1966. I had finished a year at a Jr. College and decided I wanted a job (I thought I knew everything). I landed a job at an oil company and my starting salary was $265 a month. I thought I was really rich. My father who worked at General Motors was helping me with a car. Through family we found a young fellow who was serving our country in Vietnam. He left behind a l964 Ford Galaxy 500, white with blue interior and a blue convertible top. It was also a three speed and I didn't have a clue how to drive it, but my dad had confidence in me. It was a good deal at $1800 and my car payment was $64 a month. The young fellow told his parents to sell his car and order him a new one. He wanted a brand new red Ford convertible in the driveway when he came home. Fortunately he came home and got that car.

I had my car for several years. After I got married and started a family my husband who was a Ford owner, he had a 1961 Thunderbird, decided these cars weren't very practical for us. We traded in for a station wagon. We drove a station wagon (mostly a Tarus) until February 2011. One Sunday I was driving past our local Ford dealership and saw a 2010 Sterling Gray Metallic Mustang convertible on the lot. I've always wanted another convertible and at age 64thought it was now or never. I had my husband look at it and he said if that's what I wanted to go for it. I called the dealership at 10 a.m. on Monday morning and picked it up at 3 the same afternoon. The rest is history. Our grandchildren love to ride in it and when we pick them up at school or at a friends they always ask us to bring the Mustang. Last year I drove the Grand Marshall in a local parade and have been asked to do so again this year. I, too, love this car. I think once you've had a convertible you always want at least one more. I've had so much fun and hope to for many years. My husband also drive an F-150. We really are a Ford family.

Glenna Hall