Burning Memories

My grandfather bought our Galaxie 500 in 1962 in Andalusia, Alabama. There are pictures of me and him in that old car when I was 5 years old. When he died, my father drove it. I drove it through high school in the 70's. My oldest son drove it through high school in the early 2000's. Last November (2010), it caught fire after we took this pic of my son with his fiance and the Galaxie. We've been fixing it back up since then. It has outlived two generations of Taylors. I'm going to make sure it outlives me.
Martin 04/29/2011
Reading stories like this, people taking sutch care of their car, gives my automotive heart a boost. Especially the story. That allmost isn't a car anymore, it's a museam piece...
Matheus Ulisses Pieroni 04/17/2011
Wonderfull! More than a car, It's a Ford!!!