My Grandfather's Car

By Sean F.

My mother's father actually bought the car new and I'll never forget it. It was fire engine red with a white top and black vinyl interior with bucket seats. When he passed in 1967, the car went to my aunt and uncle and they kept it until 1973 giving it to my mom who gave it to me the following year. By this time it had nearly 260,000 miles on it and there was a little rusting on the rear quarter panels (in front of the wheel wells) but the car was a beast! 390ci engine and a three speed auto. I had the car for just under a year as I joined the Navy and could no longer keep the car. It went to my aunt's son (my cousin) and I lost track of it after that but, to this day, I continue to look for the same year and model - maybe I'll own one again one of these days.