My First Ford

By Doug C.

As a Teenager growing up in Southern Maryland my favorite sport was NASCAR. My Favorite car, of course was the Ford Galaxie 500. With the crossed Flag Decals, its 429 CI engine, I marveled at the winning percentage of such drivers like Jr. Johnston and Bill Elliott.

So, of course I had to have one. Although the introduction of the Mustang in 1964 set my mind in a different direction, my first Car actually ended up being a black 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 Xl coupe, with black bucket seats a 390 CI engine and 4 on the floor. Unfortunately Uncle Sam called me to duty and I had to sell it. But today, in my garage sits a reminder. This White 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 XL convertible shown in the picture submitted. Ah! The good old days....
Jay T 11/20/2012
AWESOME!! the '64 Galaxie is one of my dream cars!
Creig M 11/19/2012
My first Ford was a 77 Pinto wagon with the 2.8 v6, then a 78 Mercury Zephyr with the 200 cid 6, a 71 Pinto 1.6, 84 LTD 5.0, 92 Aerostar 3.0, 02 Escape 3.0, 07 Focus ZX3 2.0, 12 Focus 2.0 hatch with the sport package. 32 years of driving Fords, all were great cars.
Gilbert C 10/24/2012
Being from the UK my first Ford was the Iconic Cortina 1600E, think they did export it to the states, sadly no photos remain but it was a bute !

Had some performance RS fords after that but in the 80's and 90's Ford started churning out some awful cars and I went to VW/Audi. Just went to the Ford dealer today and the new Focus could tempt me back
Janet L 10/23/2012
My first Ford was a 1975 Ford Elite. Loved that car!
My first Ford was a "1955 green Ford sedan" V8 3speed on the column,
and I'm still driving Fords today !!!
david s 10/20/2012
sharp car! Love it.