My First Car

By Rick S.

My first car was a 68 Ford Galaxie XL. Wimbledon White with silver blue interior and Black (!) vinyl top. The WHOLE car cost me 300 hundred in 1978. It had 68 thousand miles on it. It was automatic with power steering, factory Air conditioning, black GT stripes on the rocker panels. 302 V-8 and cool hide-a-way headlights. I sure miss it. After putting a water pump on it and flushing the radiator it ran for many HARD miles. 16 year old boys are hard on cars. This was one tough old Ford. I got it stuck in drifting snow and had to leave it overnight. Next morning I called a tow-truck and had it pulled out and it started on the first try. The snow was packed so hard into the fenders i had to remove it with a pick (very carefully). I drove that car until my junior year in high school when I bought a 1971 LTD. While I have had my favorite and least favorite Ford's thru the years no other brand of car has ever been as reliable and well built as Dearborn's finest. Thanks Ford.
sheamus w 05/30/2012
great story