Love At First Sight!

I will never forget Fred Hammacher and his love of Fords growing up. He was friends with my parents and they played cards socially way back in the 1960s. He loved buying Fords and was so precise in the way he maintained the beauty and functions of his Fords. One day he shows up with an absolutely georgous 1966 Galaxie 500XL convertible in dark green metallic, with matching green bucket seat interior and matching top! The car had the 428 engine option, so when I viewed this machine for the first time, I was in love with Ford! I wanted this car when I was to drive and that was a few years off at the time, but I SO wanted that car!

I never got the chance to purchase that dream car from Fred, but I went on to be a loyal Ford owner throughout my life, and even had the chance to work for Ford a while. I have loved Ford my entire life and I am so elated they have come back and are producing the best cars and trucks in the world. My love affair continues and will do so into the awaiting motoring future!