A Christmas Story

By Mike L.

Way back in 1971 my dad and I purchased a 1968 Ford XL Convertible. Complete with 428, Auto, Factory cruise, power seat, power windows, power top, factory 8-track/AM radio, Candy Apple Red with white top and red interior. A couple years later I sold my half back to my dad who has kept it all these years. Four years ago me and my family were over at my parents house to celebrate Christmas. My daughter tells her grandpa, "Grandpa! That car's been in your garage for twenty years and you never drive it. Why don't you just give it to dad." Well three days later my dad calls me and says, "Oh just come and get the car." Within 48 hours a friend and I drive 150 miles to my parents house and load up the '68 on a trailer and drag it back to my garage. Over the lase 3 years I have been slowly bringing it back to life. Still have to rebuild the 428 and repair a rear quarter panel. Then it'll be ready for parades, car shows and maybe the Hot Rod Power Tour.