A Galaxy Of Fords

My first job ever was working for a first-rate master mechanic who operated a garage next door. I started sweeping the floors and cleaning tools at age 14 and gradually did more as I learned. My boss had a Ford LTD at the time and was a proponent of Fords for their durability, craftsmanship and because they were mechanic friendly. So, as soon as I was old enough to drive, I had to own a car and it had to be a Ford. My boss helped me find a repossessed 1965 Ford LTD convertible with a 289, which needed some work, but with his skill and direction and my labor, the car turned out fantastic and was a great first car. I learned to drive in that car and it took me and my friends everywhere with great reliability and it was cool even though it wasn't a so called sporty or muscle car for it made up with its drop top and classic lines. The next car? A 1969 Mach I, of course!