Young Love

I was five years old when my cousing pulled up in what was destined to be the love of my life. A 1968 Mustang with pearl white paint and a leather interior. I was hooked, I loved to cruise the park in it like the teenegers ever though I was so short I had to sit on the tape case that held her 8 tracks to see out the window. I was a broken hearted little girl the day she traded it in, but I knew eventually one day I would have my own pony. 38 years later I still did not have my pony, life had intervened and family cars and mini vans were just the tools I used to get around. September of 2010 however I talked my husband in to stopping at the dealer just so I could "drive" one of the GT's just to see how it drove. I knew that it would not be mine but I thought I could dream just for a little while anyway. I took it out and not only was I hooked but so was my husband,:-). See there was a method to my madness, we took this beautiful 2010 Candy Red GT home that day and have not looked back. Some things in life are worth waiting for and sometimes they are even better than you imagined. Thanks for the awesome ride and making a child9now grown ups) ulitame dream come true.
bryan cordova 03/20/2011
No car makes you feel like a Mustang does. :)
Robert 01/13/2011
I'm 36 and waiting for that dream car to arrive as well, but it must be at least the 2011, so that I don't miss out on the awesome new 5.0. Great story! If only my wife saw things that way too. :-)