Oh Shiela!

I was always a Mustang fan since I can remember. Growing up in a household that consisted of chevy loving siblings and Ford skeptical parents, it's nothing less than a miracle that I evolved into a Ford fan. Although the masses were preaching Fix Or Repair Daily, my eternal anthem is First On Race Day! I had joined the Ford family in the year of 1994, the last of the 5.0 engines at that time, by purchasing an emerald forest green 5.0 Mustang GT. I fell instantly in love with this work of art. This car was not only ballsy, but very sexy as well. the curves are reminiscent of a woman's curves. I swear, I probably spent more time that night with the car than in my bed. This car was so good to me, that I had to name her and Sheila was born. Through the years, Sheila had her expected wear and tare and if I recall correctly, the only major repair was the clutch, which only took myself and my brother in-law a few days to complete, mainly waiting on parts. Goin on 17 years later, odometer flipped and now has close to reaching 300,000 more miles, Shiela is running strong. She has her leaks, and I really want to give her engine an overhaul and repair obvious interior complications, but overall, she's still as beautiful and run's really good for a 16+year run! Move over Toyota, make room for First On Race Day!