My Black Beauty

Hello !

In 2008 I was new to the wonderful world of Mustangs but not at all new to loving fast sports cars. My first car was a 73 Camaro Rally Sport. My love for sports cars was rekindled when my 19 year old son, who is enlisted in the United States Navy, came home on leave from Pensicola Florida with a white 35th Anniversary Edition 99 GT, slightly modified with a Steeda cold air intake, Magnaflow Catback exhaust, and a mighty 5 Speed V8 engine with more than the stock 260 HP ! I had the honor of taking care of his Mustang while he was then stationed in Norfolk and soon to be deployed to the Persian Gulf. After 3 or 4 months of driving Adam's mustang, I decided to get my own. In October of 2008 I purchased a 2009 45th Edition black V6 4.0L Premium Coupe. I named her BLACK BEAUTY. She went into the stall for the winter of 2008 - 2009, and while she was in there resting and keeping warm, I researched more and more about Mustangs. Within a few months I decided to "Mod" her ! By spring of 2009, many exterior as well as performance modifications were completed. My Black Beauty was transformed and so nicely dressed up that I decided to enter her in the first annual “Horses and Hogs” Mustang / Harley car and motorcycle show in Fond du Lac Wisconsin. It was at this event that my Black Beauty was invited by Ford to be a part of the 75 elite Mustangs shown at the 2009 EAA Mustang Stampede that takes place each summer at the Experimental Air craft Association Air Venture event in Oshkosh Wisconsin ! She was the only V6 in the show. The highlight for us was to meet Carroll Shelby and his wife Cleo. What an honor to meet them ! Mr. Shelby spent a lot of time with all of us at the event. Black Beauty had the honor of receiving his infamous signature also ! Thank you for letting me share my Mustang story ! I love my Black Beauty and look forward to many more years with her !
Terry Caldwell