Finding My Gt

i had just totalled my 02 v6 mustang and was searching for another car. this time i was gonna get what i realy wanted a gt in the new body style. i searched all over town and could find one that was the right color or had a standard transmission or it was a a v6. i ticked off almost every dealership in town for being too picky. till i found a maroon one on a web site for a dealership in town. i went to test drive it and it had been slod. So they told me about one that was at an action house in northgen colo about an hour away from here. i look at some pictures and decided to put a deposit on it and waited til the nexxt day to see the car and decide if it was what i wanted.. the next day i went to the delaership and there she was a red fire metalllic 05 mustang gt. it was love at first sight and i havent been apart from her since .lol