Divorce And The Hot Rod!

My first (truly my own) Ford was a black 1993 Mustang GT 5.0! It had gray leather Interior, 5 speed manual tranny, and a factor sun roof. My ex and I had been separated for several months and I saw an add in our local paper for this car. Since I was the ONLY one in the family gainfully employeed at the time I went to see the car and then went to my work Credit Union. I bought the car from a great guy whom had bought it originally and had babied it completely! The only reason he was selling it was because he and his wife were expecting their first child and the momma to be was worried about the safety of the mustang and the baby. Luckily for me I got the car, which by the way had only 25 thousand miles on it! Divorce proceeded as usual and I came away with the sweetest deal cause I got my car and didn'thave to see the deadbeat Dad of my sweet kids anymore! I kept the car until one month before my older child was turning 16, and I knew I would never rest with letting him take the Baby out by himself. At that time I traded it for a more family friendly car ( a Contour) and one that I could afford the insurance one for me and my son. :-( Nothing sounds like a 5.0 and every time to this day that I hear one I turn to look to see if it is mine.