A Ford Girl Amongest The Chevy Men

My father is a Chevy car guy has been his whole life, and father of 3 girls. So it was to his surprise when his middle daughter who also inherited the gasoline gene bought her first brand new car it was a 1994 5.0 mustang GT. Now I received a lot of slack from my father and my 7 uncles about this who are also Chevy guys, but I loved that car. Then I met someone three years ago who is also a car guy (Chevy too). He has a Chevy Trail blazer SS, he has only had it for a year and has had nothing but problems with it. He finally broke down and wrote a letter to the GM of Chevy explaining his frustration and that to make things worse every time he open the garage he sees his fiancé 1994 mustang GT with 240,000 miles on it sitting there and the only thing that has been every fixed on it is a battery and a manual clutch! I just wanted to say thank you for building my car “Ford tough” not “Built like a rock” because that’s pretty much all his does is sits there!
Patrick Picking 03/15/2011
This car looks just like mine! Mine is a 6 cylinder, not a GT, but I'm at 198,000 miles with very few repairs too. Great car!
Jackie 02/25/2011
Love it! You'll have them all crossing over soon enough. My Corvette owner husband LOVES loves loves my 2011 5.0L Mustang.