Ford's Progression In An Icy Succession

Every February Michigan Technological University hosts a Winter Carnival that includes snow sculptures. This years theme had to with Michigan and my fraternity, Delta Sigma Phi chose to do it about the assembly line that Ford Motor Co. first invented. We worked on this massive sculpture for one month and the final sculpture included 1:1 scale cars such as the Model A Roadster, Willys MB US Jeep, Mach 1 Mustang, and Ford GT. Each vechicle has amazing detail that includes ice that helps bring contrast. The picture is of the overall site that is to resemble the Rouge River Plant.
Kimberly G 11/14/2012
This is incredible! LOVE IT! Wow!
I have owned Fords all my life. First car was a 72 Ford LTD. All of my friends relied on this car to get to fun places and I relied on it to drive crazy (I was 16). This car didn't shift into second gear until 70 MPH and even though it was heavy it kicked but with the 400 cubic inch engine. The 80's Fords that I owned were not as good as the imports but I bought American in spite of that. 1990 was a turning point and I have been proud to own Fords ever since. I know own a 2005 Ford Focus (economical car for my daughter) a 2000 Explorer (reliable transportation that towed our boat and is now my other daughters car) and 2001 Ford F-150 (my rig that is the most trouble free vehicle that I have owned). I just bought my wife a 2009 Edge which is a huge step up in technology and comfort and I would put it up against any import. Ford is a great company and I have a known problem with the Edge going to the shop next week. As long as they stand behind their product I will be Ford forever. :)
Dave E 04/22/2012
Very cool!