Ford Gt

By J.p. V.

The ford GT is a car that holds a special place in my heart. It may not be the fastest or most meneuverable around but if you combine its for and its function they are probably the only perfect example of it on the planet. When the first ford GT40 rolled off because of henry fords temper with ferrari no body but ford believed they would place 1 2 3 against the world greatest racing team first year out of the box. Then continue you to beat them the next 3 years. No one in history has EVER done that before or since in such a divine way. For a car to be so fundamentaly perfect that when re-made it looked like a carbon copy of the original to the untrained eye is nothing to sniff at. Not even the mercedes gul wing was able to pull that off. The VW bug is kind of a contender BUT the interior is not liek the original and so are other fundamental body cues. . But i do know ford won 4 times and the first tiem it won it was 1 2 3. (history may be slightly off i felt it was cheating if i didnt go off the top of my head. And the 1966 for gt not the 2006 but they dont have the 1966 up there.