Super Safe During Head On Collision

By Dan W.

I was Driving my Ford five hundred at approx. 45 mph's and going through an intersection. A very ignorant driver decided to make a left hand turn in an intersection without yielding. There was no where for me to go, he was in my lane. I tried to swerve to the left but there was absolutely no time - resulting in a head on collision at high speeds.
Every safety feature we hear about worked. The crumple zones crumpled, the engine dropped, the air bags deployed and the seat belt held me in place. I was taken to the hospital and released after only 2 hours. The ignorant impatient other driver making illegal turns was in a '92 chevy caprice, one big boat of a car. So I am more than happy about how the safety of this vehicle protected me. If I could afford a similar car I would in a heartbeat, but unfortunately have fallen on hard times and had to settle for a smaller(non ford) car that I could buy from insurance money.
Thank You Ford for protecting my life and allowing me to feel safe on the road.
I do have a Ford Freestar for the family vehicle and was involved in another accident from some crazy driver not paying attention and the Freestar did its job too! The passenger side doors were crushed in, but again protected my 4 year old daughter. We got to drive a 2012 Ford Explorer limited and felt so safe in that SUV. We will get one someday! Great products Ford and Thanks again for putting so much into safety.