Safe And Sound With My Ford 500

When my children were 11 and 9 I decided to downsize from the Windstar to a car. I always thought my family was well protected in the Windstar, so I needed to find a car that was well documented as a safe car. The Ford 500 had that and so much more. I bought a 2005 Ford 500 and loved everything about it! My daughter is a competitive ice skater and my son was on 3 hockey teams so we spent a lot of time on the road traveling from ice rink to ice rink. I always had plenty of room for all of their gear and I know this car would protect us if anything bad happened. Just this week that car's odometer turned over 200,000 miles! It has a few signs of old age, but it is still running good and protecting my family as we are still driving from ice rink to ice rink. My daughter will soon be skating with Disney On Ice and I will finally have money to buy a new Taurus!