Long Live The Five Hundred

By Mike M.

On 1/3/05 I purchased my Five Hundred which not only was my first Ford but a new line for Ford. I knew I liked the style and functionality of it so I took a chance and have been completely satisfied ever since. On 8/30/11 my home away from home and I celebrated 250,000 miles together and it's still going strong. The interior and exterior still look virtually new and it still has the original belts, plugs, suspension & practically all other parts that people normally expect to fail 100,000 miles ago. Thank you Ford for building such a quality product!
Wendy 10/03/2011
Wow! That really is testimony to the quality of Ford products...it sounds like you and your trusty Five Hundred need to be in a commercial showing how American cars can definitely compete against the foreign manufacturers! Go Ford!!