Ford Tough

Ford has always talked about "Ford Tough" and it has always applied to pickup trucks. However, I just want you to know that in 2008 I was in an auto accident that totaled my Ford 500. this car was my baby. I bought it brand new from our local Ford dealership and it was beautiful. In October of 2008 I was making a left hand turn onto the street I live on and was approximately 1000 feet from my front door when a young man in a Ford Mustang T-Boned me at 65 MPH hitting the metal frame between the front and rear door on the passenger side. Although my car was totaled I believe this car was "Ford Tough" and prevented serious injury to my passenger and myself. As of today, I still have not replaced that car. When I am ready to purchse another car it wil be a "FORD TOUGH" vehicle.