Ford And Us!

In 1955 my future husband Bill Waldron bought a new Ford and also that year we got married. We had five kids and all of them were driven to and from the hospital in that black Ford with Jimmy Jones skirts. Our last baby was born in 1965 and that same month (February) he got a job with FMC as a Millwright in the Engineering Center. Three of his brothers also got jobs at Ford in that same time period.In 1967 it was time to retire that Ford but we couldn't find our way to selling it. So we donated it to Robichaud High School's auto shop that was in our neighborhood. The kids (and us) got a kick out of looking through the school windows and seeing the car being worked on. Too replace it we bought a light blue station wagon. Since we had such a good car we bought a pop up camper and took the kids on many wonderful trips across the country. Yellowstone, Cape Cod, The Civil War battlefields, etc. The kids all thrived and graduated from Edsel Ford High. He worked right across the street in the Scientific Center and walked home for lunch or over to the school to watch the boys play football. In those years we bought used cars for us and them, mostly Ford's.
With the kids all graduated from high school and college we started leasing Ford cars in 1995. Our first one was a 1995 Windstar (six leases) ending with the lease we have now. We got a 2005 Ford 500 in 2005 to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. And we now have a 2008 Ford Taurus. Our lease is up and this month we are going to buy another new Ford!
We have a son who is an engineer for Ford. We also have some nephews who work for Ford.
We would like to pay tribute to the Ford Motor Company for their contribution in helping us to raise our family and keeping us all safe in Ford Motor Company products.