Car Accident Feb 21, 2011

I was driving down the freeway on Presidents Day. It had snowed the night before but the roads were clear. I was going with the flow of traffic in the far left lane when all of a sudden some slush appeared in my lane. When I hit the slush I lost control of my vehicle. My vehicle, a 2006 Ford Five Hundred started to spin out. I spun two lanes over and hit a semi tire with the front driver's side of my car. I continued to spin out and came back to my original lane and hit the cement median with the back end (driver's side). I had my seven year old daughter with me in the back seat. The air bag did eject and my back window shattered. My daughter and I walked away from the incident. Even though my Ford was totalled by daughter and I are alive. I cannot thank Ford enough for making their cars and trucks "FORD TOUGH"!!!! I will always stand by Ford and their products. THANK YOU!!!