550 K Ford Miles

Dear Ford,
I am a very proud Ford owner. I serve as a regional chaplain in south Mississippi and average nine hundred miles a week traveling. After driving the "other guys" vehicles I purchased my first Ford in the early nineties, a 1992 Crown Victoria LS. I fell in love with the comfort and not to mention 28mpg! The Crown Vic had 248k miles on it when I sold it and I still see it in town from time to time. I was set on purchasing another Crown Vic and after test driving it the salesman asked me if I had tried the Five Hundred. Well, I did and loved it! I am so excited to tell you that my 2006 Five Hundred as of July 13, '11 has just hit "THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND" miles and still going strong!

I have to say, Whatever Ford is doing KEEP IT UP! Comfort, dependability, and reliability. There is no question that as soon as the economy allows I will be purchasing another Ford Crown Vic or Taurus. With a total of almost 550k miles on my last two Fords how could I even consider the "Other Guys".

Please pass this along to every one from the assembly line to the executive desk "KEEP IT UP".

Your Ford Fan
Chuck Parish
taylor 04/30/2012
I buy broke down cars and fix them for a living. The best cars I come across is the crown vics and towncars. I myself wont buy many cars with over 200k unless its the 4.6 motor. My 06 crown Vic police interceptor was beaten on a daily basis by Houston police Dept. For 258000 miles and the damnable thing just wouldn't quit. It still got about 25 miles to the gallon and had every bit of power it should have. I love em. Out of around ..100 cars I buy and sell every year fords are the ones that I'm most comfortable buying because I'm probably not going to have much mechanical issues with them
T Craig-P71CV 09/10/2011
Ford does make great cars. I myself bought my first Ford in 1993 and it was a 1990 Mercury Grand Marquis LS. My friends thought I was crazy because at the time I was in my early 20's but I have always loved big cars. I've been driving nothing but Marquis and Crown Victorias ever since. Fords are very reliable and many Crown Victorias have been known to get well over 500,000 miles on them.

Chuck, you say you hope your next new car will be a Crown Victoria or a Taurus? Sadly if you are looking for a new Crown Victoria you'll be getting into a used one as Ford has scrapped the Crown Victoria after the summer of 2011. I've read a news article where Crown Victoria sales climbed by 64 or 67% this year as the police departments, car rental agencies and livery companies wanted to get their hands on as many of these cars as they possibly could before Ford foolishly discontinued them. Yes sir, they've just flushed their profit making Crown Victorias and Lincoln Town Cars down the toilet (as they were actually making money on these cars). It's truly a sad day for big car fans. * sigh*

The new Taurus is a pretty good car from the reviews that I have read, but for me I'd prefer the body on frame rear wheel drive Crown Victoria due to the fact that they are very reliable, virtually indestructible, cheap and easy to maintain, and will still be on the road years after most Tauruses meet their final fate in a scrap yard. But then again cars are only as reliables as how the owner takes care of them as I have even seen low mileage Crown Victorias that were abused by their owners.

Anyway Chuck all the best to you with your search for your next new Ford. Contrary to what some might say Ford really are good cars and I hope you to stick with the blue oval cars for years to come.
Mike Mills 09/05/2011
Wow, I thought I was doing well when my 2005 Five Hundred hit 250K. God bless you in your travels!!