The Ford That Keeps On Ticking!!!

Hello i have a 1990 ford festiva that i owned since high school. She was bought on Jan 7 1998 with 42000miles. I Had her for 12years. Living here in Hawaii i have put over 120000 miles on her since i had it. She never quit and she never gave up. She never stopped even with a blown radiator and water pump. She was able to drive for another 20miles without melting to the ground. I took her everywhere. To the beach,to the prom, on a date, on the sand, off road, and on the expressways. She never quit. I loaded her to the gills with MRE and drove her into an air force hanger feeding an entire squadron. My friends bought cars year after year. For Me i still had her. My friends are always asking when am i ever gonna give her up. I told them when she quits or when i can never find parts for her.

I changed everything on her except the engine and transmission and rotors and calipers. Everything else been changed or refurbished. Im finishing the paint on her to last me another decade. I love this festy and i hope ford will have success on the upcoming Ford Fiesta. Im hoping the fiesta will be as tough or tougher then the outgoing model. Have you driven a ford lately yes i did and i Love them!!!!
Summer C 12/04/2013
I also have a Festiva, looks just like this actually, except it is a '93.  I bought it a couple of years ago for $500 and learned to drive a stick shift on it.  I have several others cars, some of which are automatic Festivas and a few Mustangs, but the '93 manual is by far my favorite.  It is so good on gas and has never let me down!  I drove it 45 mins each way to college each day a few years ago and it was reliable and a great gas saver.  I don't know why Ford didn't come back out with these instead of the Fiesta.  And I agree, parts are getting harder to find but until then they will have to pry her from my cold dead hands!