New Guinness World Record

Hello, My name is Brian Jackson. I am a full time motivational speaker and now 6 Time Guinness World Record Holder.
My latest attempt on July 23 of this year (2011) consist of a rescue bag and a Ford Festiva. We placed the rescue bag under the Festiva and blew into the rescue bag, using only my lung strength. The attempt was to raise the car off the ground using only my breath,.
Here are the results from Guinness Web Site:

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The current record for "Heaviest vehicle lifted with the breath" is:
The heaviest vehicle lifted with the breath weighed 2,520 lb (1,143 kg) by Brian Jackson (USA) at the Arrowhead Mall in Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA, on 23 July 2011. Jackson blew into a lift bag in order to raise a 2011 Ford Festiva off the ground.

Austin Craft 10/29/2011