My Ford Festiva Is Of Legal Drinking Age!

By Bev S.

I love my car! My now ex-husband and I bought this 1992 Ford Festiva second hand 19 years ago during the early Clinton years. And it has been enduring as the Clinton legacy! I don't pay much attention to gas prices because my car has the carbon footprint of a flea. But I could tell they were rising when other customers at the gas pump stopped making fun of my car and wanted to know if it was for sale. I pamper my Festiva since it only has 59,000 miles on it. Every 6 months i take it in to Cliff Dewey, the auto detailing guru, for a wax job. He owned a Festiva in high school that his wife did not want to be seen in. He enjoys nostalgically sending her when i bring it in. When the time come to retire my car i hope to be able to get a new red fiesta.
Ford Social 08/19/2014
Hi Bev - How cool is it to own a classic Ford Festiva? It is awesome to see that you are still enjoying your car and getting great gas mileage never goes out of style! Thanks for sharing your story. - Social.Ford
Herman C 05/22/2014
Car looks like brand new! Great job taking care of it.