Fan For Life!

I am so grateful for the safety engineering in my 2006 Five Hundred!

June 17, Mom and I were returning from an outing. A young woman lost control of her Jeep and crossed the center line on a two-lane, country road. I had no time to react, nowhere to go. The impact was horrifying. Yes, we were injured, and my mother is still recovering. But I have no doubt at all that, had the car not performed as it did, we may not have survived the event.

My insurance adjuster has remarked several times during our conversations how amazed he is at the way the car performed. My seat belt and air bag bruises are beautiful to me! A friend retrieved the blue oval from my car and I will keep it as a reminder that good safety engineering is everything.

Thank you, Ford, for a quality product. From the Festiva that transported my daughter everywhere for so long, to the Ranger in our driveway with well over 200,000 miles on it, to the Five Hundred that saved my life, and on to the next, I'm a grateful fan.