The Little Light Blue Falcon

By Mark M.

About six months after getting my driver's liscence, my first car (one made by the 'other' big car company) quit. My dad's secretary owned a 1961 Falcon with a 140 6 cylinder and two speed automatic that was for sale. It had over 100,000 miles on it, but was thrifty, so $60 did not seem like too much to pay for this car. After repairing the tie-rod ends, it went another 10k miles before I sold it to a friend for $200, and I replaced it with a 1962 Mercury Colony Park. Both my first Fords were bullet proof and dependable, in spite of their age and use. The blue Falcon 2dr was not much to look at, but it started every morning, got me to and from school, and for the most part, out of trouble, as it wouldn't go very fast. The Falcon would run all day on a tank of gas, the Mercury was indestructable and had been a delivery vehicle for a local butcher shop at one time, with over 180,000 miles on it. It was not very good on gas (8 mpg if I remember) so after trying to sell it, my little brother ended up driving it for a while. Itstill saw lots of service over two years of ownership. Finally, I bought a car with class, and bought a three year old Thunderbird in 1970, suicide doors and all. It too, was light blue, but for a 5,000 lb car, wicked fast. Still holds the land speed record for a 'speeding ticket' where I used to live!
Jay T 11/05/2012
great story, and i love those big ol' wagons too. and the thunderbird... man, those big-block land yachts go impossibly fast.