My First Car

My first car was a 1964 Falcon 2dr. sedan with a 260 V8 and three speed column shift. It also had factory installed AC which for these cars was an under dash unit. In the time I had it I added various upgrades. Jahns 10.5:1 pistons, a Lunati hydraulic cam, several different carburetion setups, culminating in a Ford performance (pre-muscle parts) 3-2bbl system. Transmissions went from the three speed to a Borg-Warner T10, and when I finally got tired of the clutch cross shaft splitting, a modified C4 that would chirp the tires on the 1-2 shift and give you whiplash on the 2-3 shift.
My first real car was a Camaro. A powerhouse V6 Camaro. One big headache, one problem after another. I wanted something that ran and the only thing this did was run away from something that did actually run. It was pitiful and I was pitiful driving it. So I graduated to Pontiac. Bought a big PR0-AM firebird with a massive 305 ci engine, not. It would outrun the V6 Camaro by about a half of a car length in the 1/4 mile. Would not take off with out a massive wheel hop if you floored it from a dead stop. In 1988 I bought a Mustang GT 5.0(225 hp).
White with the red stripe. My family had always owned Fords. My dad always drove a Broncho and my mom always drove a Lincoln town car. The "peer pressure" of all my high school buddies talking about CHEVY, CHEVY, CHEVY. That's why I went the Camaro and Firebird route. I figured it out, "Misery loves Company." All my friends had IROCs(5.7) and GTAs(5.7) tuned port 350s. Back in our younger, foolish days we had an old, abondoned stretch of road and a 1/4 mile marked off. My 1988 5.0 dominated their big tuned port 350s. i would outrun them in a 1/4 by at least a car length every time. i went on a got a 1990 black LX 5.0. A little lighter car, same engine, but i got an automatic. NO,NO,NO I was not satisfied with not being able to power shift. So a year later I traded it for a Gray Mustang GT, 5 speed. I ran these cars hard, real hard. The only problem i ever had was a synchronizer mabey chipping a tooth but other then that, they with-stood the abuse. in 93 the first LT1 Camaro hit town. My GT had a 2.73 ring and pinion and I was too high geared to out run the 275 hp LT1 in the 1/4 so "THE AFTER MARKET MOD ERA" began. i put a 3.73 ring and pinion in it, an off road exhaust and a K&N air filter. I beat the big LT1 5 out of 5 times in the 1/4 mile. I was and am OUT AND OUT Ford.
I got away from the Mustangs when the original 5.0 died. I could not imagine a Mustang without a 5.0. That's like peanut butter without the jelly, french fries without ketchup, unimaginable. The toughest pound for pound engine ever made was gone. it was like Ali retiring from boxing. (Many years later) The second coming of the 5.0 was back! The Bad Boy of all engines had returned. Ford had enough of being the whipping boy to Chevy once again. Yes, i had to have one, Yes I bought a 2012 black 5.0. it was all and everything I could have ever expected.
It has 2000 miles and stays garaged, my 11 year old son has layed claims to it. He wont let me drive it, it's his car when he turns 16.
Now the problem is my 9 year old son wants a mustang garaged too for when he turns 16. BOTH OF MY SONS "HATE" CAMAROS!
So let's get Customiser up and running again so I can win the Mustang for my other son. Lord knows I can't afford two!