Hot Wheels

My father owned a Ford Econoline Van and used it for his business. So, when I turned 16, he bought me my first Ford, a '63 Ford Falcon-turquoise both inside and out for $100 cash!! Boy,to me that car was just as nice as a jaguar! I thought I was hot stuff-lol! One day I decided to see how fast it would go, and I got into a drag race with a couple of guys in a fancy car( I can't remember what type of car it was). Well, I beat those guys and got caught by a cop and got a ticket for drag racing! Well. my dad didn't think it was lady-like to drag race, but he did ask me if i won! He also got me out of that ticket, and I will never forget how he had the judge use scare tactics on me about going to jail, etc. while all the time he was laughing inside as he had already talked to the judge (prior to me going to court) about the ticket and it being dropped! But, alas it didn't keep me from speeding from time to time--lol! The day that I wrecked my beautiful Ford Falcon, I was on my way to the court house---not to pay another speeding ticket---lol--but to get married by the same judge that I faced 2 years prior for the speeding ticket! I miss that Ford even now!