Blue Blooded Aussie

I am a true blue, blue blooded aussie. To me Ford is everything, especially my Ford. I recently upgraded to the 2010 Ford Falcon XR6 50th anniversary edition, and its amazing. The Australian made Falcon is rock solid, with exceptional build quality and the power of a terrific Euro 4 compliant 4.0 inline six with 195kw and a six speed ZF gear box that is as smooth as silk. I only wish that all of you guys in the US were able to experience this car. It is really really really amazing. Ford and Falcon have a huge following here in Australia and the Falcon has been locally built for 50 years now, and hopefully will continue to be for the next 50 years or more. I am a Ford man through and through and will continue to buy Falcons for as long as i live. FORD is number 1 and when it come to racing as always its First On Race Day! Cheers to all.
Ashley Goode 03/31/2011
Oh wow. I've never heard of the ford falcon. 50 years old you say, that might be why. I bet my parents have heard of it. I'm in the US and the falcon looks very nice and long. I wonder why other countries get better looking fords then the USA...
Andy 11/12/2010
Very NICE looking car!!