Best Fords Come From Australia

As a long time Ford Enthusiast, I have owned many fords, from the XP falcon, a XW fairmont, a few XC falcons in UTE, Panel Van sedan & Station wagon, an XB wagon, a Ford Courier, a BA Fairmont and more plus our latest edition a new 2009 FG series XR6 Falcon Sedan.
I was however quite disturbed to read in the news of Mr Mullaly's comments about ceasing the almost 50 year run the Falcon has had in this country, and at what most ford "people" (enthusiasts) would consider it's best models yet with the current model/s.
As much as we love the american muscle cars & other Ford models over the years that we don't get here as new items, we would still love to keep our own variant here as our own ! Sure bring some american models here, it was tried in the past and failed, but with the right models it may work, but we still need to maintain our own Falcon. The Ford Territory has been yet another success story here ! So why not offer both Falcon & Territory to the american people so our model can survive.
As a Ford enthusiast the last thing i want is a crappy commodore (Holden or GM to USA readers) in my driveway as the only large Aussie alternative left, we are just as patriotic as you guys.
I have never been to the USA, and I always say I would love to go, just to see the cars of the country and do a Ford factory tour, I know global economy's are hurting, but we here in Australia came through it better and with far less fuss than most other countries, that says something for our economy and the some 4,700 people employed here by Ford Australia.
Lets Keep our Aussie Icon Ford Falcon as our OWN FORD !
Brandon 03/11/2010
Totally agree! It would be like Ford killing the Mustang brand here in the USA! I would be so mad if they did to that to us. Austrailia has really made the Falcon what it is today. Yea America got the Falcon going but the Aussies kept it goin and made it a sweet ride. I love the Ute and the other Falcons. Who doesnt love the Mad Max Falcon! Ford is just asking for trouble if they kill a model that doesnt need to be killed. I love watching Austrailian V8 Supercar racing! Beat them Holdens! Why get rid of something if it aint broke?
keith stebleton 03/11/2010
As a Ford loving American, I hope they do continue the Australian Falcon. In fact, I wish they would bring them over here.
michael ketchum 02/02/2010
FORD is a excellent company of mustangs as well carrol shelby . I own a 2008 ford mustang gt its always been my favorite car. I,m handicap due to being hit by a drunkdriver in a crosswalk and lost my leg and left arm rebuilt. my mustang is easy to get into and is very comfortable to drive. my mustang has heated seats, shaker 1000 stero and is very fast. i love my mustang. thankyou michael ketchum.
LHOBBS 01/24/2010
I totally agree. If anyone wants to see how wonderful the Aussie Falcon is go to the page and have a look, then try and tell me that you wouldn't buy one, they are wonderful, look great, sound epic and would suit your market. How i hope Ford executives read this because you will kill Ford australia and NZ if you take our falcon away and give us a front wheel drive disaster in its place