Aussie 422 Bhp Beast!

Hello to all in USA! Gotta share my story all the way from Australia!
We have been producing muscle cars here since 1967. Our version of your Mustang, was the evolution of our locally produced Falcon 4 door sedan into a "fire breathing" GT.. I have had many GT's over the years and this is my current car. Basic specs being; 5.4 litre V8 fuel injected, twin o/h cams 32 valve steel block/ alum heads
motor producing 422 hp or 315 kw. My car has just been superseded by current model 5.0litre all aluminium motor super charged induction! 449 bhp or 335 kw. As they roll off factory floor stock standard! Lots of long roads in OZ to enjoy! Hope you enjoy my story.. Cheers Andy!
Sasha Jaafari 03/17/2011
Love it. Long live the Falcon
Nick American Man 02/07/2011
Wow that is a fantastic car. However, I love my mustang.