One Falcon Leads To Lots Of Mustangs

In 1973 I was turning 17 and as soon as I got my learners permit I started looking for a car. I went down to my father’s mechanic who I had hung out with as I was way into cars to see if he had anything for sale. He pointed to a cream color 1963 Futura convertible with a black top and told me one of his customers wanted to sell it. It had a 6 cylinder and smoked a bit but it was one cool car. I was able to get it for $350 and promptly brought it home. Mom thought I was nuts and the first thing I did was to back it into the garage and take the socket set my grandmother had bought me and pulled the head. I had no idea what I was doing but I knew that was where the smoke was coming from so I proceeded to read a book called "Fix your Ford" (I still have the book) and work on the engine. That got my brother involved and we got that car humming. We soon started to buy and fix up old Mustangs. Chris did most of the body work and I did most of the mechanical. That led to a side business tuning up friends and families cars and we went to an auction and bought out an old Auto Parts stores NOS parts and sold them at Hershey and Englishtown. We did 7 different 65-71 Mustangs over 3 years before we both moved away. One of them was a 1971 Grande which I had during college and sold to my Dad for my sister. She wrecked it twice; I fixed it twice and the second time he gave it back to me for my wife. It was unfortunately stolen in Harrison NJ but my wife told the stories so many times of the power that car had and how much fun it was to drive that my son got the Mustang bug. Six years ago he decided he wanted to do a muscle car so I told him to start looking and we could do any type he wanted. Next thing I know he has an ebay ad for a 1973 Mach1 in my face which we wound up buying and we restored together and still have, unfortunately I had to sell my 1936 Ford Pickup to make room for the Mustang but the Mustang is much more fun! Now my wife wants a GT500…….