My First Car

By Jim B.

When I turned 16 my first car was a 63 Falcon Futura Sprint which if you know Ford's had a 260 cid V-8 and a 2 speed Ford Omatic Transmission. It only had 23,000K on it and I bought it from a older women that babied the car so it was pristine. I immediately began to make it faster since I was a Ford men in a Chevy world, so I replaced the intake with an Edelbrock Torantula, added a 4 bbl Holley and installed headers and dual exhaust. These mods made for a large increse in HP, so the 2 speed automatic couldn't hold up to the power, so I then installed a C-4 from a totaled 67 289 Mustang but had to replace the drum brakes at least once a month so I then took the front suspension from the same totaled Mustang which happened to have the factory installed Kelsey-Hays dual caliper disc brakes and that cured the brake problem. Keeping the rear tires on the ground was the next problem I had since they would leave rubber on the ground out of the hole, so I installed a set of Lakewood traction bars which still didn't solve my problem so I welded home made traction bars just for this rear and they worked like a charm. The Chevy's were no problem for me anymore and since guys racing Chevy's outnumbered us Ford guys at least 30 to 1, I was holding my own both on the track and on the streets where we would drag race in Philly. I then installed a Mallory Ignition system and that just increased the HP even more. That little 260 kept up with the small block Chevy's and was winning most of the races with times in the mid 14's in the quarter mile.
I still have fond memories of my first Falcon since it was also my everyday car and will never foget the joy it brought me, since then I have never owned a vehicle that was not a Ford product and I never will.
jim b 05/07/2012
I forgot to mention in the original story, as soon as I pulled the C-4 tranny, I took it to my buddies transmission shop and had him bullet proof it by drilling out the hubs, installed heavy duty servo's, clutches and bands and installed an ajustable vacuum modulator and a heavy duty torque converter, I then cut out the floor and had to remove the center console which broke my heart since it was such a beautiful console in 63. I removed the column shifter and installed a tach where the old shifter use to be. It had the black Futura bucket seats and I then painted it with 12 coats of black laquer, and of course wen't with 14" a spoked mags and lifted the rear just enough for it so keep the rubber to the ground along with my home made traction bars. Since that first car I fully restored at least 30 classic Ford's for show and racing and although I still could build a older Ford with my eyes closed, my age and many injuries caused when working in a maximum security prison has caught up with me but I still want to restore one more Ford but don't know if I could physically do it especially with my back having 3 deteriorated disks. The mind is still young but the body is old.
I will write about some of the other Ford's I restored when I find the time to do so.