Living My Aussie Dream

I just wanted to share my car with other people in the Ford world. I am a previous Ford Australia employee and really really proud of what Ford Australia has done over the years, especially in regards to products. Instead of going with the cheaper alternatives they have stuck with the best European offerings along with the awesome Australian built Falcon and Territory. This has often meant that vehicles are priced higher than competitors but the plan seems to be working as many Australian are prepared to pay a little more for the better quality product. Having said this nothing beats the Australian Falcon or Territory for space, comfort and reliability. I own a 2007 Ford BFII Fairmont, it has been lowered and has 20inch alloy wheels. It is an inline 6 with a 6 speed ZF transmission. I wish those of you in the US could share this great vehicle. I really hope that Ford in Detroit come to realize the engineering talents that Ford Australia has to offer and decides to hand them the responsibility of developing the next RWD platform in both right and left hand drive to that we can all enjoy such a great vehicle. Hope you like the photos. FORD number ONE all the way.
Douglas Henri 05/22/2010
Dear Brett H., boy I can not agree more with you. You Aussies have some very HOT cars, that we need here....I hope FMC listens to you and us.....bring back RWD and hot coupes and sedans...I can't wait to test drive the new 2011 Mustang....I have a 05 F-150 4x4 and an 06 Focus ZX3 love both for different reasons...PS your car looks great. PSS Ford bring out a hot rod 4dr sedan and maybe something like the '49er concept a few years ago.
sam 05/19/2010
Benjamin, if the BF model makes you jealous log onto the Ford Australia website and have a look at the FG spec Falcon, an even better looking car !
Benjamin Tyler Burkhardt 05/14/2010
I'm jealous.