5- Door Sports Car

By Dave R.

I learned how to drive a standard in my families, 2.3 litre Fairmont wagon. It was a 4 speed station wagon that when you looked out the front felt like a sports car. It was a blast to drive. I had that wagon past 150,000 miles which became mine when it had like 56,000 miles on it. Friends would get in and flip out that I had a wagon that was not automatic. I fried the first clutch on in in Brussels, Belgium when a 911 was on my back bumper going up a real long steep hill during rush hour. I don't think he understood that American wagons could have a manual transmition so he assumed I would not roll back at all. I have been a Ford man ever since, 1989 T-bird, 1994 Taurus SHO, 2000 Windstar, 2003 Taurus, 2003 Windstar that we just sold. Currently have 2 2008 Taurus's, a 2009 45th aniversary Mustang V-6 with custom bullet dual exhaust and 18 inch clasic wheels and a 2012 Mustang 5.0 with 2-tone leather. Love my Fords and it all started with a 4-banger manual wagon!