The Vehicle Speaks For The Man

I entered college with my first Ford vehicle which at the time was a previously owned 1957 Fairlane 500 that was gray in color. That Ford ran with high mileage summer and winter like a Swiss Watch.

The vehicle served me well throughout college and after college I decided I needed something new with less or no miles even though I had little money. So I purchased a 1962 Ford Galaxie 500XL that was painted Corinthian White if I remember, with Red Vinyl interior.

I remember asking my girl friend who I met at college as we were getting “serious”, what she liked about me. Her quick reply was, “O’h, you were OK but the car was the real eye catcher.” Well after 48 years of marriage, four children and sixteen grandkids, we still fondly remember the good “old” times in that Galaxie.

Today it’s just the two of us, but we think we still ride around in style as our latest Ford is a Candy Apple Red 2010 Mustang.

Don Clausen, Omaha Nebraska

Donald Clausen
4128 North 159th. Ave
Omaha, Nebraska 68116-2840
402 498-5645
Craig Carpenter 11/03/2011
Wonderful story.....