The Love Of My Life

Our story is based here in Houston, Texas. My husband, Brian Woo and I celebrated our 50th Anniversary this past June 25, 2011. This summer was our 5th summer here in Texas. We moved here to be close to the children and grandchildren. Also, we were blessed to have had his health extended with treatment at the M. D. Anderson Medical Center. My husband was born in China and at the age of 15 months old his mom passed away. In the old country the grandparents did not want to be left alone. So his dad remarried and came to the U. S. When he could have picked his baby up and carry him on board and brought him to the U. S. Brian grew up without a mother or father and at an early age he had to help his grandmother with the house chores since she had bound feet. The war broke out with the Japanese invading all of the China villages. Brian was fortunate to have a guardian to lead all the young children into the mountains when the Japanese planes were bombing and killing his little friends. At one time the bombs fell so close that he was DEAF for a whole month. During the years of the war the grandmother had been terrorized by the Japanese and was already out of her mind. By the time, Brian made it back to the villages, she thought he was a ghost and tried to choke him to death next to her in the bed. She eventually, hung herself. In the meantime, his father in the U. S. did all he could to get the son over to be with the rest of his family and siblings. In the state of Mississippi, Senators Stennis and Eastland had to make a special bill in Congress to get him over. When he did arrive, he was admitted to the hospital because of a spot on his lung. For about a year, he was treated and the spot never went a way. He finally agreeded to have it removed and recuperated so he could continue his education. Brian arrive in 1956 and in fall of 1957 after his surgery , he entered Millslaps College in Jackson, Ms. Brian's father has gotten him a FORD car so he could travel back and forth from home to school. Since my family had known his family from way back when, I met Brian at the CHinese Mission School the summer of 1959 when he was helping the pastor teach the children Chinese school. His brothers and sisters were born in the U. S. as well as my brothers and sisters also.

It was meant to be====God works in mysterious ways. Our families have know each other for years , with that Ford car Brian would drive over 120 miles nearly every weekend from Jackson, Mississippi to visit me in Cleveland, Mississippi.

We were married in 1961, June 25th and we and that Ford Car made it to New York and spent our first year of married life there and brought our first-born daughter all the way home in that Ford Car with out an air-conditioner.

Brian passed away September 10, 2011. He was 81 years of age and he left me with a FORD SUV Eddie Bauer. He loved hunting and fishing and he always had F-150 before retiring.