The Fire

By Paul F.

My mother worked as a maid at Stanford university. She would always find something fun for use to play with. I was 5 and my brother was 3. One day when she got home, she had nothing in her hands for us. We decided mom had left it for us in the car. It was a 2 door. We looked inside the front and found nothing. We crawled over the seat to the back. There on the floor was a grocery bag full of book matches. We figured they were ours. While playing with them I lite a book and up it went. The whole bag. I got out and found a glass. Running back and forth to the faucet, I tried to put it out. My little brother still in the back seat. Fortunately my mom saw what was happening and ran out and pulled him. out. The fire dept. quickly arrived to put it out. Mom had the car repaired. She had it for another 3 years.