Redesign The Ford Fairlane

I love the style of old cars, but I love the hybrid technology of the modern world. I think Ford needs to redesign the Ford Fairlane. I'm submitting my redesign. Here's what I'd do with it.

I would keep it duo-tone. It's awesome and there aren't many cars in today's market that offer a duo-tone color combo, so it will be unique. Make the car sleek, but keep the hooded front headlights and keep that awesome backside.

Color choices: Cherry Red/White (upper), Royal Blue/White, Black/White, Buttercup/White, Pink/White, Mint/White, and Robin's Egg/White. Market the colors with retro flair.

Interior (fabric): Medium Grey, Black, and Black/White Houndstooth.

Offer the vehicle as a hybrid. Go above and beyond by keeping the interior fairly retro in design. Make sure there is chrome where its indicated (around headlights, along the body, etc).

Marketing this bad boy will be easy. Go with a rockabilly theme. Have "Breathless" by Jerry Lee Lewis play on the commercials (cause it will leave you breathless).
Deb D 02/13/2013
1966-1967 had stacked headlights. There are diecast, check ebay or google it.
samuel t 12/30/2012
The Taurus is basically the new Fairlane, it's a similar size.
Paul V 12/18/2012
I'm an ardent admirer of the Fairlane. In South Africa we got the imports from Australia and we were, I believe, fortunate enough to have been able to buy those until 1974. I owned a 1970 model with stacked front lights. I am, however, unable to find ANY diecast models of the stacked lights models. Does anyone anywhere know of any model manufacturer who does put out DIECAST MODELS of the quite exquisite "stacked lights" Fairlane 500?