No Mustang, But Hell...

By Paul V.

Do not have a mustang; never had but hell that did not stop me day dreaming. For the last nearly 50 years. Once I went with my buddy in his '65 Mustang to pick up some of his lady friends to take them to a matinee show.  One of those lovely girls were more friendly with me than the others.  I was stuck in the back seat with her and two others.

I do comb my hair each morning so I am quite aware of the fact that the guy in the mirror is not by any stretch of the imagination the best looking boy on the block. That, however, did not prevent the girl sitting on my lap to put her arms around my neck and give me the most awsome kiss just before getting out at the cinema.

Good shazzam! That was the most life-provoking thing that ever happened to me.  In a pony!

Never had the opportunity to afford a Mustang myself, but my 1974 Fairlane 500 (In South Africa we got our Fairlanes from Australia during the late 60's and 70's thus the year and model might be different from the usa) with its stacked headlights was, to me, the most beautiful thing I could lay my hands on.

And every time I swung the 351 engine into its thunderous roar, I could still feel the warmth of a distant, but very beautiful girl around me.

Wish I never sold that car!