My Hand Me Down

My first Ford was a 1957 Ford Fairlane that had been through my Dad and my older brother. My dad bought it new and drove it for what seemed forever. He then handed it down to my brother who drove it for a couple of years till it was my turn to drive. When it was turned over to me it had right at 200k miles on it, and had two oiler kits installed on it to keep the rocker arms lubed. My brother had been hit in the right rear quarter panel but the ol babe kept on going. That 57 Ford just would not die. After I drove it for a couple of years I bought my brothers 1961 sunliner. I turned ther 57 back over to my Dad and after a couple of years he sold it. The day he sold it, it still ran smooth with well over 200k miles. I loved that old car and wished I had kept it. I think back about all the good times and what a dependabe car it was. I still own Fords today even our Motorhome is built on a Ford chasis. Fords are still the tuffest vehicle made.