My First Car And 42 Years Later I Still Have Her!

I was poor living in Port Washington on the gold coast of Long Island. I had two chances of getting a car in high school. Slim and None. Found an old timer in the local paper who had a 1955 Ford for sale for $200 bucks. Went to look and found a beat up race car that was a drag winner at Islip Raceway in 1965. Still has two drag winner stickers on the rear window. She was flat black with a beat 292 Y-block with dual quads and a 3 on the tree. I was in love and bought her on the spot, put plates on her and drove her home. She was the true "rat rod" but she was mine. Drove her for years and asked my girlfriend to marry me in her. Still have the wife to. Finally put her back to the way she should look, new paint, new upolstery, new 292 Y-block and a 5 speed tremec tranny. She flies down the Long Island Expressway and we take her to shows all over the island. Aside from the tranny and conversion to 12 volt she is bone stock.