My Fairlane Story

While living and working in Columbus, Ohio from 1965-1969, I purchased a 1966 Ford Fairlane GT convertible with Raven Black exterior and Candy Apple Red interior. The car was powered by a 390 cu. in. with a 4-barrell carburetor and a 4 speed stick shift. In all these years since, I've never seen another car exactly like it. In 1967, I saw a GT the same color but it was a hardtop. How many people can say they've owned a car and have never seen another one like it in 46 years? Everywhere I went, heads would turn!

Joseph Kiser
Coeburn, VA
RICK S 11/23/2012
Great looking Fairlane. Just having the 390 4-barrel is a rarity, but combined in a black convertible? WOW.
Rick S.
Glenn Smith 11/13/2012
Nice car there Joe. Yes they are rare! I have one, not in that color combination though. I know of only two others in existence today that have that don't recall the VIN do you? Thanks Glenn
Ed K 08/23/2012
great car, I have a 1967 ford galaxie 500 convertible in springtime yellow with a 428q scj and c6 tranny
Tom W 08/23/2012
Nice Car Joe! Thx for sharing