If Only I Had Kept This One

My first Ford was a 1966 Ford Fairlane GT purchased in 1972 and I can only lament on the fact that I should never had sold it. In the early '70's we didn't think about the rarity of automobiles and if I had known how rare it would become, I would have kept it. This car is my favorite car of everything that I owned. It's exterior was painted Emberglo, with black interior Bucket seats, refined center console, and GT badges I had Cragar GT 5 spoke mags on it . The powerful 390 featured a four-barrel 600 cfm Holley carburetor and an 11-to-1 compression ratio to develop 335 horsepower. The transmission was a top-loader four speed. I still dream today of once again owning this now rare Fairlane.